Splitvice user profiles
SplitVice encourages a transparent exchange of information between directors, project managers and staff in project-driven companies. It ensures all individuals understand the current state of affairs at their level at all times. That is why SplitVice uses four user profiles.
Splitvice Champion
You can also call this the administrator role: the driving force behind Splitvice in the company. He or she can manage everything and perform the necessary administrative tasks to make the system available to other users.
Splitvice Strategist
This is the person who follows the project portfolio with a helicopter view. This is probably the CEO, CTO, CIO or project director. He or she wants to have a good overview and wants to be able to assess the impact of strategic decisions at all times.
Splitvice Work Manager
The work manager is responsible for one or several projects and sets these up in SplitVice by defining workflows and operations, defining and assigning tasks, monitoring the project, ... The tasks you typically expect for a people such as project manager and team leaders.
Splitvice Knowledge Worker
Knowledge workers carry out the project: they accept tasks in SplitVice, update the status and report on past actions to make this information available to the other user profiles.
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