For companies who want to manage concurrent projects efficiently
Projects can have a significant impact on budgets, investment or the use of resources. SplitVice is a single, integrated tool that allows directors, project managers and staff to consult, manage and report current information on the project portfolio and individual projects at their own level.
A single tool for portfolio and project management
Splitvice facilitates collaboration. The tool integrates portfolio management and project management and ensures all information is synchronized at all times. No more separate reports with incorrect information or unnecessary meetings. Splitvice can be used by directors, project managers and staff members.
Splitvice allows the management to know the state of affairs at all times and assess the impact of adding, discontinuing or shifting (sub) projects.
Project managers can follow the management's strategic decisions, are up-to-date on the project's progress and can manage projects based on the big picture and more detailed information.
Staff members know the strategic priorities of the management and the project managers and have a user-friendly tool to plan and report on their work.
Splitvice : a project portfolio management tool
You can set up projects, split projects into tasks, assign responsibilities and tasks to staff members, monitor the current status, use time tracking and run clear reports. So far, so good. However, that is not enough for many medium-sized and large companies with several concurrent projects. To meet the specific requirements of these companies, we developed SplitVice.
Integrated decision making support function
If you want to discontinue a (sub) project, change your priorities, shift your resources, conventional tools leave you in a state of uncertainty about the effects. The what-if scenarios in Splitvice do show you the impact on all on-going projects, so the management can take the necessary measures well in advance.
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Project planning without assigning individual members of staff
In certain project stages, you need to plan your project without being able to assign any resources yet. That is when you get stuck in many project management tools. Splitvice solves this by introducing roles you can assign to workflows and tasks. This allows you to set up projects without adding them to the to-do list of individual employees too soon.
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Your information just the way you like it
Not everyone uses information on a screen in the same way. Some people like to use checklists, others prefer swiping or dragging in a graphical interface. SplitVice gives you the freedom to organise your information the way you prefer, based on your personal preferences. On a Kanban board or in lists.
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Create and save process templates and save time
If your projects or sub projects have some predefined flows, SplitVice allows you to save these processes as templates to be used again in the future. To model processes SplitVice uses the proven Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) standard.
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Yesterday's information will benefit you tomorrow
Splitvice makes it easy for project staff to add comments and hours worked to certain tasks. This allows you to build valuable knowledge on your current projects. You can then use this knowledge for the efficient planning, budgeting and implementation of new projects.
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Risk management on several levels
Mature project management encompasses risk management. Define your risks, assess probability and impact and get immediately color coded feed-back on what risks to focus first.
When managing risks during the project, define actions to reduce the risk or the impact. Get reports on how you gradually reduce the risk during the project.
On the portfolio level, monitor the total portfolio risk to see where risks increase and if the total risk remains under control.
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Portfolio baselines
Many organizations not only have budgets per project, but also per year. "Cash is king", so the speed of rolling out projects is also determined by budget constraints.
To support this, Splitvice uses "baselines" and the tools to follow up portfolio baselines.
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Inter-project dependencies and shared resources
Often projects are interdependant, or is a big project actually composed out of smaller projects.
Also, often projects not only need people but also share physical resources, like trucks or cranes. That makes that 1 project can delay another.
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